Land sold: 89 Barnegat Road, West Milford (Hewitt), NJ 07421

Land gently slopes down northwest for the potential of one-side above grade living space or garage and upper level decking looking out into Wawayanda State Park forest. Close to area shopping and easy access to George Washington Bridge. Study the following worthwhile prospectus and reimagine your new home.

Image: Standing on southeast corner, there are two wood boards nailed on a tree, the upper board has capital letters EWAN that are colored black, and the lower board shows the address 89 Barnegat Road, West Milford (Hewitt), NJ 07421, Block 1205, Lot 1 and characters are colored burgundy.
1. Southeast corner of the property, Barnegat Rd (east border) and Ewan Court (south border).
Image: Standing on Ewan Court and looking northwest, there is a forest growing on the land.
2. Ewan Court, looking northwest, general location for proposed septic field is on the right.
Image: Standing on Ewan Court and looking northeast, there is more forest that continues throughout the land.
3. Ewan Court, looking northeast.
Image: Interior of tall evergreen trees.
4. Interior, tall evergreen trees.
Image: Standing on the southwest corner, there are deciduous trees, more evergreens and the topography begins to gently slope northwest.
5. Southwest corner of Ewan Court (south border) and Ancora Rd (west border).
Image: As you walk along the west border, there is more of a deciduous forest of unimproved land and large rhododendrons.
6. Ancora Rd, looking west, west border.
Image: As you continue walking north along the west border, there is more deciduous forest of unimproved land and rhododendrons.
7. Ancora Rd, looking west, west border, more large rhododendrons.
Image: Walking northwest, there is moss growing on a large tree, fallen trees and ferns.
8. Interior, looking north, native ferns.
Image: Interior space, there are large boulders, stacked wood in the background and start of lower topography.
9. Interior, looking south, large boulders, start of lower topography.
Image: Interior space, there are large boulders, and a wider space showing the gentle slope of the topography.
10. Interior, looking south, land slopes towards northwest section.
Image: Interior space, there are fallen trees and wider view of the rhododendrons.
11. Interior, looking north, lower topography northwest section.
Image: Interior space, there is another area of boulders.
12. Interior, looking north, lower topography, northwest section native boulders.
Image: Evergreen sapling.
13. Interior, lower topography northwest section, evergreen sapling.
Image: Standing on northeast corner, there are trees, a fallen tree and dry stacked walls.
14. Northwest corner of Ancora Rd (west border) and land owned by NJ Department of Environmental Protection (north border), dry stacked stone walls along the west and north borders.
Image: Tall deciduous and evergreen trees.
15. Northeast corner of Barnegat Rd (east border) and land owned by NJ Department of Environmental Protection (north border), looking northwest, east border.
Image: zoomed more satellite view of land.
16. satellite view of area surrounding land shown upper-left area.
Image: zoomed satellite view of land.
17. satellite view of area surrounding land shown upper-left area.

Approximately a 1-acre parcel of unimproved land, which is located within the area known as West Milford (Hewitt), west of Upper Greenwood Lake, Passaic County. This rare and secluded property includes evergreens such as pine trees and large rhododendrons, and dry stacked rock walls.

Nearby Attractions

West of Ancora Road, which is the west side of the property, is Wawayanda State Park. In addition, other nearby forests are Abram S Hewitt State Forest, Sterling Forest, and Ringwood Manor State Park. Nearby lakes are Highland, Wawayanda, Upper Greenwood, Greenwood, Green Turtle, Pinecliff, Echo and many other smaller lakes.

Deed and Title Insurance Policy use the original legal description, which is the Second Map of Upper Greenwood Lake, numbers 2320 through 2325, file number 942 and dated 7/18/1932.


Gerard C. Henry, Inc. completed the staked survey. As you start at the southeast corner of Barnegat and Ewan, the border lengths are:

Land is 40,424.55 square feet.

Land Boundaries

Description of the boundaries for this land:

The State of New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection owns approximately 250 feet of vacant land from the north boundary line, and dead ends Barnegat and Ancora.

Image: There are hand drawn blue lines outlining an irregular quadrilateral for 89 Barnegat Road that encloses a forward diagonal line separating two counties: Sussex Block 12 Lot 13.01 and Passaic Block 1205 Lot 1.  Rotating clockwise from top, this irregular quadrilateral is surrounded by Block 112 and Lot 12, Barnegat Road, Ewan Court and Ancora Road.  Below Ewan Court, right to left, are Lot 4, Block 1204 Lot 3, a forward diagonal line separating two counties: Sussex and Passaic, and Block 116 Lot 1.  Each Road is 40 feet wide.
Most recent staked survey


Google maps elevation

As you travel from southeast corner to the northwest corner: 359 meters (1,177 ft) to 357 meters (1171 ft)

Previous Owner's Due Diligence

The following information, applications and documentation support the feasibility study, which concludes a planned construction project is most likely to be practical and successful, and is not a guarantee for the completion of a new dwelling.


At the southeast corner and walking northwest, the land gently slopes into a beautiful and lush forest of tall evergreen and deciduous trees, and as you reach the outer edges of the property line, there are large rhododendrons and dry stacked stone walls.

An independent licensed professional, Albert Gloor Jr, completed the Individual Sewage Disposal System Application. Summary of two test holes:

  1. Depth in inches
    0 to 8
    black topsoil, loose, moist, permeable
    8 to 38
    orange sandy loam, loose, moist, permeable
    38 to 144
    light brown silty sand, tight, moist, permeable
  2. Depth in inches
    0 to 14
    black topsoil, loose, moist, permeable
    14 to 40
    brown sandy loam, loose, moist, permeable
    40 to 121
    fine brown sand, rock, gravel, loose, moist, permeable

Township of West Milford has jurisdiction for the maintenance of Barnegat Road and Ewan Court.

Electric and Gas Utilities

West Milford Utilities

Electrical pole is installed on the east side property boundary.

There are no underground gas lines. State of New Jersey Department of Community Affairs regulates Liquefied Petroleum Gas Safety for the installation of a propane gas tank.

Well and Sewage Disposal System

New Jersey Environmental Rules for water well construction and individual subsurface sewage disposal system.

The following are the results from 1991, and may provide a perspective concerning your proposed construction.

Gerard C. Henry, Inc, Civil Engineering, Land Surveying, and Planning completed the following Applications for Permits:

Summary of Application for Permit to Construct a Well:

Summary of Individual Sewage Disposal System Application:

Summary of Sewer System Design:

Septic Tank
Grease Trap
Liquid Capacity: 1000 gallons
Material: Concrete
Disposal Bed
Width: 16 feet
Length: 26 feet
Area Sq Ft: 416

Sewer Design is based on a percolation rate of 7 minutes per inch at 3 feet below the surface:

Time in minutes per inch
No. of tests to determine saturation
Depth below surface in feet
Depth and Type of soil encountered in inches
8 topsoil, 8 to 36 orange sandy loam
14 topsoil, 14 to 40 sandy loam, 40 to 84 sand, rock gravel

Variance Application to Zoning Board of Adjustments

This property existed prior to the current zoning of R-2 and complies with the zoning requirements for R-20, which is a minimum 20,000 square feet of land. In addition, the minimum gross building area is 1,250 square feet, and cannot exceed 15% of the total lot square footage of 40,424.55, which is 6,063 sq ft. Schedule of Limitations.

This property conforms to the zoning requirements for R-20. A private road leads to the property; therefore, a Private Road Variance Application was submitted and approved by the Board of Adjustment of the Township of West Milford on March 27, 1990.

Highlands Water Protection and Planning Act

The New Jersey Highlands Region is an over 800,000 acre region covering over 1,250 square miles and 88 municipalities in seven counties (Bergen, Hunterdon, Morris, Passaic, Somerset, Sussex and Warren). The Highlands Region is an essential source of drinking water for half of the residents of New Jersey.

This regulatory program, N.J.S.A. 13:20-1 et sq, protects drinking water, helps preserve dwindling open space and was signed August 10, 2004.

New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) ArcGIS Online platform is NJ-GeoWeb, and documents property is not in a wetlands areas. Launch GeoWeb bar, a new browser page opens, read brief instruction, select OK and input address. Wetland areas are blue.

West Milford is located within the Highlands Preservation Area. Your review of Highlands Map is your voluntary determination that a property's location is within the Highlands Preservation Area and you do not need to apply to the Division of Watershed Management for a Highlands Applicability and Water Quality Management Plan (WQMP) Consistency Determination.

A well permit application or if the ultimate disturbance (clearing of land) is one acre or more of land or if a cumulative increase in impervious surface is one-quarter acre (10,912.5 square feet) or more is the definition of a major Highlands development and requires Highlands Preservation Area Approval (HPAA).

Highlands Regulatory Program summarizes different Applications in the Highlands Preservation Area. The list below is for the Highlands Preservation Area Approval for a proposed residential development requiring a water permit application.

Website for this Act is Highlands Water Protection and Planning Act.

Tax Authority

The tax authority for this property is the Township of West Milford. The County Full Tax Report discloses the following information:

Homeowners Association

More information concerning this association, please visit Upper Greenwood Lake Property Owners Association. Annual fee is $243.

The property owner benefits from this easement by granting the use of Upper Greenwood Lake privileges such as swimming, boating, and fishing. This property is listed within the chain of title. The Second Map of Upper Greenwood Lake includes this property's lot numbers 2320 through 2325, which are within the range of 1922 - 2520 inclusive, file number 942 and dated 7/18/1932.

Asking Price Appraisal

My research from 01-01-2016 to 03-01-2021 of 133 ownership transfers of class 1, vacant land reports eight (8) competitive market sales. Price per sq ft ranges from $2.95/sq ft to $3.85/sq ft.

The eight (8) competitive market sales and averaged price/sq ft are two (2) lakefront $3.76/sq ft, two (2) lake view $3.85/sq ft and four (4) no lake view $2.95/sq ft.

After making comparable adjustments, such as soil conditions, percolation, view, location including road type and distance from lake and viability for new construction, my opinion of value is $2.10/sq ft.

Unique Opportunity

Previous Owner's Opinion, Disclaimer and Terms